Student parliament


The School Parliament at the Gymnasium, Grösslingová 18, Bratislava is established pursuant to § 26 of Act No. 596/2003 Coll. on the state administration in education and school self-administration and on the amendment of some laws.

Who are we?

The school parliament is composed of students who have been elected in their classes as class presidents. Represents our students and represents their interests in relation to the principal, senior teaching staff or senior professional staff and externally. The activity is carried out at the school in cooperation with the school management, the coordinator of the school parliament, teachers, the Parents’ Council and the School Council. The president of the school parliament is also the student representative in the school council.

Why is the school parliament important?

  • students gain awareness of their rights and obligations
  • develops civic competences
  • ensures the flow of information between students, teachers and school management
  • teaches students to be responsible for their actions
  • creates an environment for improving relationships between individual grades
  • increases awareness in the school

What is our task?

  • communication with school management, teachers and students
  • submit topics and comments from classes
  • inform the classes about what is happening at school
  • implementation of projects
  • finding common procedures in organizing students’ extracurricular activities
  • support the development of students by participating in the preparation of informal activities and events.
  • fulfilment of necessary activities such as elections, distribution of roles, formulation of rules…
  • participate in school parliament sessions


If you have any questions, contact your class president or use the school parliament box located on the ground floor.