Golden medicine ball

Current year

The renewal of the tradition between GJH and Gamča is scheduled for Tuesday, June 28, 2022. More information on the current year 2022 soon.


General information

From the intentions of the project:

Golden medicine ball = sports competition, while mathematicians are often considered clumsy like medicine ball, the social space halfway between the schools is the Medical Garden, golden as a winning trophy

… a sports competition because we meet with GJH during the school year mainly in non-sport subjects, since in sports we do not always advance from the district

… a one-day competition in the period before the first academic week, alternately at one and the other school, with maximum spectator participation from both student bodies

… in the initial version, five collective sports (boys, girls, mixed; 2nd and 3rd grade) are selected in advance by the home school from the agreed options of disciplines, while only the adult volleyball mix is fixed

… the winning school will be able to write that it is better than the other, the loser will have to share about the other that it is better

… in the final version, two more disciplines are added – professorial and graduate, and at the end, the evaluation is connected with a musical concert by a popular group (ideally graduates of one or the other school) in the Medical Garden in the presence of current and former students

… the purpose of the competition is: to cultivate rivalry, at the same time to point out that there will be friends across both schools at university or later, to build graduate communities, to raise funds, to build reputation within the city