Gamča is a state school, so studying here is free.

Social scholarship

The school has a contract with the Ministry of Education so that students can be paid social scholarship, which is tied to the amount of the living minimum and the child’s academic results. Due to the sensitive question, you have the opportunity to learn more on the registration.

Crow Scholarship

The Crow scholarship is intended for cross-country students and third-year students living in a dormitory, which covers the costs of dormitory life in part or in full, depending on the family’s financial situation.

Don’t forget to apply for dormitories together with your application, we only deal with the scholarship itself after registration.

The scholarship is provided in cooperation with Gamča perpetua and there is no legal claim to it. However, our interest is that you can study with us without any problems once we have accepted you.

Other scholarships

We are working on other sources of scholarship funding, which we will inform you about gradually.

How to proceed after entrance exams
Practical information