The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

základné údaje - Gymnázium, Grösslingová 18, Bratislava

Students of Gamča can apply for the esteemed Duke of Edinburgh International Award (DofE). This award stands upon four key areas that engage young individuals: talent development, volunteering, sports, and adventurous expeditions. Participants in the program set their own goals, which simultaneously challenges their personal growth. In the DofE program, participants do not compete against each other; instead, they strive to surpass their own limitations and achieve their individual objectives.

The program offers three levels of participation (bronze, silver, and gold). These levels vary in duration and complexity. At the entry level, participants must complete the program for minimum of 6 months, while the highest level requires a minimum commitment of 18 months. Upon achieving each level, participants receive rewards and are further motivated for continued development.

Young individuals willingly enroll in the program through authorized DofE Local Centers in Slovakia. Here, program participants are assigned a mentor who assists them in defining goals and offering essential support.

The number one condition for participation in the program is age of 14 to 24 years. The two main circumstances for graduation are:

  1. participate at least one hour a week in the chosen activities and
  2. meet individual goals for each area of ​​the program.

How to participate in the DofE prize at Gamča
New applicants are recruited at the beginning of the school year. Just write a short letter of motivation in which you briefly describe:

  • activities you want to engage in in the field of talent, sports and volunteering,
  • the reason why you want to join the program,
  • and last but not least, the reason why we should choose you!

DofE team at Gamča

school program coordinator

    • Mgr. Ľuboš Masaryk, M.A.

program leaders

    • Mgr. Mária Balajková
    • Mgr. Ivana Belková
    • Mgr. Katarína Gabrižová
    • Mgr. Andrea Gofjárová

expedition leader

    • Mgr. Matúš Miškovčík