• Mgr. Viera Babišová

    representative for economic and technical activities

    • Mgr. Gabriela Pavlendová

    representative for the educational process

    • RNDr. Pavla Blažeková
    • PeadDr. Lucia Dobrucká

    representative for extracurricular activities

    • Mgr. Ľuboš Masaryk, M.A.

School council

You can find more information on the page School council.

Parents council

You can find more information on the page Parent Council.

Student parliament

You can find more information on the page of Student Parliament.

vedenie znázornenie

The Director’s Advisory Board of the school is composed of representatives of the school director, heads of subject committees, an educational advisor and representatives of the Council schools. He comments on curricular and operational issues of the school and coordinates projects implemented by the school.

The Teaching staff implements educational activities at the school. Educational activities are also assisted by the school support team, which includes: school psychologist, educational counselor, career counselor and coordinator of the student council.

The school has a digital coordinator and a network administrator.

Trade unions

There is also a separate Trade union organization of school employees operating at Gamča, which is a member of the The Trade Union of Education and Science Workers in Slovakia.