Regularly or once. Financially, materially or over 2% of taxes. Each of your contributions will help make Gamča even better. We thank you!

basic information - Gymnázium, Grösslingová 18, Bratislava

What to contribute financially to?

1) Scholarships for students from socially disadvantaged backgrounds
“So that the best/most talented young people can study at Gamča regardless of their background (i.e. including various competitions or other events).”


2) Scholarships for the faculty
“So that the professors were paid as it should be for people with a university education, so that they did not have to deal with a second job and thus were enabled to devote themselves fully to their mission.”


3) School equipment
“So that the equipment of the school (premises, equipment and consumables) is at the world level and thus enables the development of student talents.”


4) Operation of the initiative
The costs of running the initiative Gamča perpetua. Involved students help without the right to a fee.
5) Gamča Olympic Games
Olympic sponsors are an essential part of the Games. More in the section OH Gamča.

Why contribute financially?

1) Slovak education is financially undersized
2) Education is important for the future of Slovakia
3) Even in today’s “free” education, parents have costs that are life-limiting for families from a socially weaker environment
4) Gamča gave us a high-quality (comparatively the best) basis for life, from which we still benefit today
5) Even for our own children (teenagers, just born or planned), we will want a quality basis for life
6) Friends, colleagues or employees – how many are from Gamča and do you “have something to talk about” with them?

How to contribute financially?

1) Payment from the account
IBAN: SK96 0200 0000 0035 2493 8255
Variable symbol: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or leave blank
1 – student scholarships
2 – professorships
3 – school equipment
4 – costs of the Gamča perpetua initiative
5 – Olympic Games
blank – resources will be used as necessary
Message for recipient: voluntary – e.g. “1998 4.B Ján Slovák” or “anonymous”

For larger financial amounts, we prefer a separate donation contract – please contact Gamča perpetua in advance.

2) Payment by card
We will launch this feature in the future.
3) Payment in cash to the cash register
It is possible to donate during selected Gamčák events by paying in cash to the cash desk.
4) Payment in cash to our account
Same data and rules as point 1) Payment from the account.


2% of taxes

Trade name (name): Naše ZRPŠ
Legal form: občianske združenie
IČO/SID: 31770231
Headquarters: Grösslingová 18, 811 09 Bratislava

Trade name (name): Gamča perpetua
Legal form: občianske združenie
IČO/SID: 31744923
Headquarters: Grösslingová 18, 811 09 Bratislava

To remit 2% of taxes for the year 2021, you must use the forms of the Financial Directorate of the Slovak Republic, which you can download here –confirmation (DOCX) a statement (PDF) resp. vonline registration (unfortunately, we cannot prefill them for you, because the file type does not allow it).

Note: In the lists of recipients of two percent of taxes on the and pages, not all recipients are listed, but only those who have a profile there and the like. On the page of the Chamber of Notaries of the Slovak Republic you will find the official list of 2% recipients for 2021, which includes both Naše ZRPŠ and Gamča Perpetua.

Thank you for your 2% for Gamča!


6) Otherwise
We are also not opposed to advertising cooperation contracts or other contracts, as long as the philanthropic spirit of help is preserved.

We would also like to welcome financial products or real estate (ownership or just a share of the revenues) or if you remember Gamča in your will.

For these variants, please contact Gamča perpetua in advance.

7) Materially
Materiálna pomoc, to môžu byť tovary vybavenia (napr. výpočtová technika), spotreby (napr. kancelársky papier) či ďalšieho “predaja” (napr. darčeky do stánku či potraviny do jedálne).

For material help please contact Gamča perpetua in advance.

8) Vatican currency
For those of us who are still at university, i.e. without income – spreading the good name of Gamče and matching the most talented young people to admissions also counts!

How much to contribute financially?

Any amount is better than none, and at the same time a regular monthly payment is better than a one-off payment, of course everything according to the ability and gratitude of each of us.

€10 per month is a good starting amount.

As we already mentioned in the lines above, for higher amounts (cumulative €5000 and more in the last 12 months) please contact Gamča perpetua in advance.

Where will my financial aid go?

Your financial aid will be used for the purpose (see variable payment symbol) that you have chosen. Subsequently, it will be billed transparently.

Collection 2015/16: € 3 956,08
Collection 2016/17: € 5 980,00
Collection 2017/18: € 7 502,00
Collection 2018/19: € 30 754,10


The collection of Gamča perpetua is a way to systematically help Gamča. The civic association is only a legal form of the initiative, and the ultimate recipient of your help is Gamča.

Legal data of the collection

The collection Gamča perpetua 2022/23 – school support collection is a collection registered by the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic in the register of public collections under the number 000-2022-03326 on July 27, 2022 for the period 1. August 2022 to July 31, 2023. The organizer of the collection is the civic association Gamča perpetua and the responsible persons are the statutors of the association .

Our thanks

You can pay for your contributions to the collection at the Stand pick gifts as an expression of our gratitude.

Footnote: The goal of the collection is not to increase the differences between the rich and the poor, or between the more and less talented. On the contrary …

We primarily want to enable talented young people, regardless of their background, to develop their potential to the maximum through Gamča – whether in their professional or personal life. We are convinced of the importance of education for the future (Slovakia) and therefore we do not want to wait idly until education becomes a real priority of the Government of the Slovak Republic and begins to improve it conceptually.

We do not plan to overpay the faculty, we just want to enable them to carry out their profession with honor. If sometime in the future contributions from the State Budget of the Slovak Republic allow the salaries of school employees to be increased to a meaningful level, our scholarships for professors will be reduced and resources will be transferred to other topics. If the state finances allow the equipment and operation of the school at the necessary top level, our resources for this purpose will be reduced and moved further. Then we still have conceptual work on improving teaching or education itself, talented young people from socially weaker or unstimulating environments, and so on and so forth.

Secondly, we want our activity (Gamča perpetua initiative), with the help of using the most talented young people and the best professors (and also parents and graduates), to be such an experimental laboratory and an inspiration for the rest of the country. We want to test how to transform an increase in financial resources into a real increase in quality, we want to outline or inspire improvements in individual subjects or between them, in the teaching itself, and so on.

Subsequently, we want to share the basic findings with the rest of the schools (we also like to be inspired by knowledge from other schools) so that not only selective grammar schools, but also all schools can be even better and their students are better prepared for life. At the same time, we want to show parents or communities (or companies) that you need to take care of your children’s education (in the region) and thus start improving Slovak education from the bottom up.