Smart Talk

The Smart Talk project started cooperation between teachers and students of bilingual programs Gamče and Gympab (Spojená škola, Pankúchová 6, Bratislava). The project aims to develop students’ communication and presentation skills in English, applying knowledge from teaching in real situations and establishing friendships outside the school environment.

First year at Gamča

In March 2023, our school doors also opened to the bilingual class from Gympab, to whom we showed that we don’t have to use English only abroad. The event called Smart Talk brought us new friendships, experiences and fun hand in hand with new knowledge. During the Speed ​​Dating task, we had had the opportunity to get to know the students from Pankúchová, their hobbies and free time activities. Another task called Story compelled us to blend our creativity and acting skills in order to amuse our classmates with our narrative. And, of course, we must not forget the astonishing presentations of our classmates, and great praise also goes to the professors, without whom this event would not have seen the light of day.

First year at Gympaba

At the end of April 2023, we switched roles. This time the program was prepared for us by students from Pankúchová, and we visited their school with joy and full of expectations. The program was rich and the activities were varied. They prepared a quiz for us that contained humorously included well-known personalities of classmates and teachers. There was also improvisation on the program, in which there were really talented students. The activities alternated with interesting presentations, through which we learned, for example, about uncommon types of phobias or about gestures and their significance in various countries. This cooperation has greatly benefited us in all aspects, and we eagerly anticipate its continuation in the upcoming school year.