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Logo, colors and font

Below you can download the Gamča logo in its basic version. In case of questions regarding its permitted use, please contact us.

Gamča logo for download

Gamča colours are blue (main) and ocher (additional):

C100 R10 Cyan #0AAFF8 100%
M0 G175
Y0 B248
C10 R204 7405U #CDA300 100%
M30 G153 110C
Y100 B50

The font used is Google Roboto Slab.

A note on the naming of Gamča

For the last more than 40 years, the school has been using the name Gamča. This today unofficial name was originally created as an abbreviation from the initial letters of the former name of the school and the former name of the street – Gymnázium Alexander Markuš (on the street) Červena armády – G.A.M.Č.A., but nowadays it is used only as the word – Gamča. And derived from that Gamčák, Gamčáčka, gamčácke, …

Alexander Markuš (1913-1945) graduated from the school in 1931. He was a member of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia (KSČ) and participated in anti-fascist struggles. In the years 1959-1991, his memorial plaque was placed on the school building.

Gamča teaches and encourages her students to know and especially understand history, including totalitarianism in the 20th century. Come visit us in person during the Open Door Day or view more of our web presentation to find out what Gamča or The ghost of Gamča actually is.

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