Grösslingová 18
811 09 Bratislava


+421 2 52 96 30 97


Office hours for the public

Wednesday 9:00 – 12:00

We strive for open communication with all interest groups.

We ask parents to resolve any situations in the classroom first with the class professor, who you can always find in the school before their classroom lesson.

The preferred method of communication with other professors is email communication.

When entering the building, it is necessary to register at the porter’s lodge.

The school secretariat, through which you also enter the director’s office, is located on the first floor at the end of the right wing above the gymnasium.

48.144058° (northern) latitude
17.116206° (eastern) longitude

Transportation to school

Information on available positions can be found in the section Vacancies.

Information not only within the Act on Free Access to Information can be found in section Disclosure.

You can find information about tours and rental options of our premises on a separate subpage.