We have been located in our current building at Grösslingová 18, designed by the architect Ödön Lechner, with short breaks since 1908.

The art nouveau building was built in 1906-08 and was completely renovated in 2007-09. It has three above-ground floors in an L-shaped plan with high ceilings and light-filled spaces, which are complemented by two underground floors in the central part. The building is richly decorated inside and out, as is the fence around the school grounds. After the reconstruction, the building has its original yellow-gray (facade), respectively green-ochre-white (interior), or gray-green (fencing) color combination.

The building itself was declared a National Cultural Monument in 1963, the fence was added to it in 2012.

The neighboring Blue Church (St. Elizabeth’s Church) was built in 1909-13, also according to Ö’s design. Lechner, as the chapel of our school. We currently have no official relationship apart from good neighborly relations.

Both buildings are located in the center of Bratislava, in the so-called “Bratislava’s SoHo”, but away from the noisy main roads and near parks (Šafárikovo and Jakubovo námestie, Medická záhradá or Sad Janka Kráľ) and are easily accessible by foot, bicycle, public transport or car.

Ödön Lechner (1845-1914) was a Hungarian architect working in the art nouveau style.

Grösslingová street got its name from the Danube fish gruz, which is called Kressling in German.

For most of its existence, Gamča was and is based in nice, representative buildings, which often were and are the backdrop for other uses, including popular culture. Below we publish the incomplete material that we have managed to collect so far:


The TV movie Keby som mal dievča


The TV movie Výlet do mladosti


Video clip of Marika Gombitová for the song Prípad pre rodičov


TV series Škriatok


Michaela Paštéková’s video clip for the song Kaleráby


Veca video clip for the song Kúsky mňa
Performance by Para and Sendrej with a song Celé tie roky within project Hudba mesta


Advertising spot of a mobile operator


TV series Secret lives

We will be happy if you send us a link to the material that we have not yet been able to collect.


For operational, capacity and security reasons, fans of architecture (i.e. foreign visitors) are not allowed to enter or walking around the building and the yard to discover their beauty. Thank you for understanding!

You can experience a piece of the building with your voting card during various local or national elections and referenda, when voting booths are usually located in the building.

Tours of the building are possible during your Gamča Ad Revidendum meetings.


If you are interested in renting a building or sports fields, please contact us by email.

Parking in the school yard for third parties is not possible.