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basic information - Gymnázium, Grösslingová 18, Bratislava

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Gymnázium, Grösslingová 18, Bratislava

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An eight-year gymnasium with extended mathematics teaching and a four-year grammar school with extended mathematics teaching and general studies. Both with Slovak language of instruction and full-time study.



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Code and Department Name

  • 7902J gymnázium (gymnasium)
  • 7902J 01 gymnázium – matematika (gymnasium – mathematics)
  • 7902J 74 bilingválne gymnázium – anglický jazyk (bilingual gymnasium – English)


17 337 101


202 085 0205

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Based on the law no. 416/2001 Z.z. the founder of our school is Bratislavský samosprávny kraj (BSK), which has since 2017 been led by the governor Mgr. Juraj Droba, MBA MA (SaS).

The Department of Education, Youth and Sports BSK is headed by its director Mrs. Mgr. Jana Zápalová.

The founder is represented in the school council by:

  • MUDr. Juraj Štekláč, PhD., MPH
  • Mgr. Petra Hitková, PhD.
  • JUDr. Lucia Plaváková
  • JUDr. Mgr. Jozef Uhler

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