základné údaje - Gymnázium, Grösslingová 18, Bratislava

Students of Gamča achieve long-term excellent results in knowledge and sometimes also in sports competitions at the national and international level. A significant part of the share of success also belongs to their parents and teachers from elementary school.

However, they are professors from Gamča who know how to work with talented young people not only during standard class hours, but also with the help of various seminars to develop their potential and thereby initially lead them to success on academic land and subsequently in their chosen profession.

Every year until November 15, the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic awards schools financially for extraordinary student results for the previous school year. INEKO ranking these total values for schools are recalculated per student of the school for its category extraordinary results.

Our placements in the category extraordinary results within Slovak grammar schools are as follows:

Year Placement Score
2022/23 Coming Soon
2021/22 1st 10.0
2020/21 1st 10.0
2019/20 2nd 10.0
2018/19 2nd 9.8
2017/18 4th 8.8
2016/17 2nd 9.5
2015/16 2nd 9.4
2014/15 1st 10.0
2013/14 1st 8.7
2012/13 1st 8.9
2011/12 1st 9.1
The maximum is 10 points, the data for the school year 2011/12 are the beginning of this category of the INEKO ranking.

Our individual achievements at the national and international level, sorted by subject:

Additional qualitative and quantitative data about us can be found in the section Statistics.