Movie and literature night

The Night of Films and Literature completes the portfolio of teaching Slovak language and literature at our school since the 2014/15 school year. Two Fridays a year are reserved for an evening full of discussions with interesting people who are professionally engaged in literary creation, cinematography, acting, dubbing, and moderating. Our guests will present their work, creative aspects of their work and share a personal experience that is a natural part of their artistic life.

After the lectures, the screening of films begins, which are divided into several categories (fairy tales, science fiction, fantasy, film classics, Oscar films, horror, comedies).

In the past, we were visited by Božidara Turzonovová, Adela Banášová, Peter Konečný, Juraj Bača, Marek Fašiang, Andy Kraus, Michal Kubovčík, Štefan Chrappa, Michal Hvorecký, Nela Pocisková, Marin Mojžiš, Vladimír Neštiak. Thank you, it was an honour!