About us

Welcome once again to Gamča!

If you wonder about the correct pronunciation, it’s

The origin of the name Gamča is in the former shortcut of our former name and former street name – Gymnázium Alexandra Markuša (on the) Červenej Armády (street), however today it’s being used as a name only, no shortcut. The official full name of our school is Gymnázium, Grösslingová 18, Bratislava.

We provide both 8-year long (students aged 11-19) and 4-year long (students aged 15-19) programmes. The 8-year long programme is focused on mathematics and we open one class (~30 students) in each grade. We open three classes in each grade in the 4-year long programme, one focused on mathematics and the remaining two on general education.

Classes in the 8-year long programme bear the latin names – Prima, Secunda, Tertia, Quarta, Quinta, Sexta, Septima and Octava, based on their grade. Classes in the 4-year long programme are marked with a grade number (1-4), followed by a dot and a letter (B, C or D).

We have usually 20 classes (8×1 + 4×3) with 30 students each, thus around 600 students. In the “math classes”, boys make the vast majority of students (usually around 4:1 ratio), whereas in “general classes” boys and girls are usually split equally. The demand to study at Gamča is far higher then our open seats, thus we test our applicants every spring to select the best ones.

We are a daily school with 45-minutes long lessons from Monday to Friday. Lessons start every morning at 8:00 (sometimes at 7:10) and finish between 12:35 and 14:40, depending on the grade and day. After regular lessons and a warm lunch in our school canteen with its own kitchen, our students usually continue to pursue their art, sport and other activities.

We are not a bilingual school as we have our lessons in Slovak language. In the same time, our students have compulsory classes of English and German and thus they speak both languages.

Through the focus on mathematics and natural sciences/STEM in general, we have general classrooms with leading technology equipment as well as special laboratories equipped for Computer Sciences (three classrooms), Physics (two), Chemistry (one) and Biology (one).

We have also four inside and two outside playing fields for Physical Education and sports.

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